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American Elections Are Vulnerable



From Mimi Kennedy:

I will be a guest on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann on Friday, July 14th. I will be presenting a reminder that we have to get to verifiable paper ballots for 2018 or we’ll have ourselves to blame, along with Russians or any other hackers. For more than ten years I have been working with experts regarding the process of securing paper ballots in our elections. For more information on this topic please watch this video that Bev Harris (Black Box Voting), Bennie Smith (code writer), and I did in October of last year:



We are not the only ones talking about “Fraction Magic” 

Some thought Bev and Bennie were imaging things, dreaming up this “use” of the decimal capability Bennie found in vote tabulation software that is used in almost all digital election counting in the US. Well- here’s a Capitol Hill hearing from May16,2017, in which James Scott, of the Institute for Cyber Security Technology, describes the “payload” hackers would inject into tabulators they’d gained access to with “phishing” programs. Nice to hear it out loud from an “expert”!!!
WATCH VIDEO HERE  (Around minute 33)
Using data from voter rolls, they’d “cook” a pre-determined percentage allocation of votes to guarantee their desired outcome. The percentage would operate invisibly. Maybe all voters for Your Candidate count as .35 of a vote. All My Candidate’s voters get the remainder to become 1.65 of a vote- hefty!  And yet no sign of more votes than voters. It all adds up.
Scott mentions the Fraction payload around 33:00. But don’t miss the ex-CIA chief James Woolsey warning that we are “in much worse shape than we should be” with our elections. All the panelists agreed that until we return to paper ballots and routine hand-audits we are “sitting ducks.”

MIMI KENNEDY Is the Advisory Board Chair for Progressive Democrats of America.  For more information about Progressive Democrats of America visit: www.pdamerica.org

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